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Oh hey! That’s me!

Here is an interview I did last week with Frederick Van Johnson of TWiP - This Week in Photo talking all about shooting NYC with Sony cameras. 

I had a great time! I was super nervous because I am very, very comfortable talking about emotional photography, the art of photography, blogging, writing, social media, and even shooting tips but I never really get to talk about the cameras I use. However, it was a fun interview (so many smiles!) and I even spilled the beans on my upcoming venture ;).

Hope you enjoy! ♥

A video message from me to you. Yes, you.
I recorded this little video last night spontaneously after viewing my neglected YouTube channel for the umpteenth time. I find it amusing to note how much I move around when I speak. I gesture a lot but when the webcam crops me from the shoulders up, it just sort of looks like I can’t sit still. Hah!

Hope you enjoy it. I stand by every single word of my message! :)


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