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Oh hey! That’s me!

Here is an interview I did last week with Frederick Van Johnson of TWiP - This Week in Photo talking all about shooting NYC with Sony cameras. 

I had a great time! I was super nervous because I am very, very comfortable talking about emotional photography, the art of photography, blogging, writing, social media, and even shooting tips but I never really get to talk about the cameras I use. However, it was a fun interview (so many smiles!) and I even spilled the beans on my upcoming venture ;).

Hope you enjoy! ♥

A video message from me to you. Yes, you.
I recorded this little video last night spontaneously after viewing my neglected YouTube channel for the umpteenth time. I find it amusing to note how much I move around when I speak. I gesture a lot but when the webcam crops me from the shoulders up, it just sort of looks like I can’t sit still. Hah!

Hope you enjoy it. I stand by every single word of my message! :)


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Art:Seen - Vivienne Gucwa, Part 2

Me! Walking around the Lower East Side and Chinatown, talking about the neighborhoods and photography!

In the middle of this past summer, I filmed two different segments for a documentary series called Art: Seen which was directed and produced by Madhouse Muse. This is the second segment of that series:

Art Seen: Vivienne Gucwa, Part 2


In this segment, we walked around some streets I love on the Lower East Side and in Chinatown and I talked briefly about the history of the streets and why I enjoy taking photos of these particular streets. The streets that are explored in the video are: Rivington Street (between Ludlow Street and Essex Street), Ludlow Street, Orchard Street, Doyers Street, Pell Street.

As I explained when I shared the first video segment, I really am not used to seeing myself on video and it’s even stranger now since it feels like this was filmed ages ago! While I think I look different now, it’s fun to see this now since this past summer was a huge turning point for me in many ways (details about that in the future!).

I hope everyone enjoys this! If anything, it’s a fun look at what I am surrounded by on a daily basis and towards the end I even talk a little bit about why I love mobile photography and how I feel about the process of taking photos with my phone.

The first part of the documentary series is here:

Art: Seen - Vivienne Gucwa, Part 1


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