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Daria Musk - Verizon Wireless New York City Rooftop Concert - June 14th 2012

I had the pleasure of getting to watch Daria Musk perform on a fabulous rooftop overlooking the New York City skyline for a crowd all around the world who watched the concert via a Google Plus Hangout which was streamed on Verizon Wireless 4G LTE.

Back in February, I wrote a rather lengthy post about seeing her perform live for the first time here in NYC on the Lower East Side. You can read that post (and see the photos from that concert) here if you wish.

It was great watching Daria sing her heart out onstage with her always awesome bandmate RAM Rich. You really couldn’t ask for a better backdrop either! Thanks to Daria for letting me come along for what I am sure was an experience of a lifetime.

I had a lot of fun taking these photos and editing them since it’s not everyday that I shoot performances and certainly not everyday that I get to shoot a great performance on such a picturesque rooftop. :)


To view the full set of 15 photos larger and on black, go here:

Daria Musk New York City Rooftop Concert


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Daria Musk live in New York City. The Living Room. Lower East Side.

One of my favorite quotes about music (and really, all artistic forms) is by the writer James Baldwin from his short story called “Sonny’s Blues”. It’s this passage:

"All I know about music is that not many people ever really hear it. And even then, on the rare occasions when something opens within, and the music enters, what we mainly hear, or hear corroborated, are personal, private, vanishing evocations.

But the man who creates the music is hearing something else, is dealing with the roar rising from the void and imposing order on it as it hits the air. What is evoked in him, then, is of another order, more terrible because it has no words, and triumphant, too, for that same reason. And his triumph, when he triumphs, is ours.”

I remember when I read that passage for the first time, I started to cry because it so perfectly described the power of music and all art to transcend physical reality. Having experienced this “roar” since I was four years old when I first started to play piano and again a few years ago when photography found me and I found I couldn’t live without the passion I feel for it, it’s always been so difficult to explain the freeing release of sharing such passion with an audience.

I had the pleasure of seeing Daria Musk (do visit that link to be amazed at the power of Google Plus) perform live in New York City last weekend. Back in August of 2011, a month after I first started using Google Plus, I remember finding out about a musician named Daria Musk who was holding Hangout concerts on Google Plus . She was a ball of fire and enthusiasm ( I believe that Vic Gundotra recently called her “an enthusiasm force multiplier”) and I thought to myself “This, this is a person who has the passion.” Within a few months, she gained quite a following here and even played 24 hours straight on New Year’s Eve in Hangouts to ring in the New Year in every single time zone. Her story was featured in Billboard Magazine and she is about to have her first music video directed by Chris Robinson.

For those who haven’t experienced the magic of Daria Musk, she was invited to talk at Google this winter and her passion and enthusiasm are so infectious that when I first saw the recording of her talk, I watched it a second time immediately after the first viewing! It’s rare to come across someone so genuinely happy, sincere and talented. You can view her Google Talk here: Google+ Presents Daria Musk: Musicians@Google She also gave a TED talk which you can view here: TEDxRainier - Daria Musk - You Move Me .

I had the pleasure of talking with Daria and her producer RAM Rich after the concert for quite a bit over dinner (I feel really lucky actually in retrospect). Not only are they so synchronously wonderful on stage together but they are two of the most wonderful people I have spoken with who are truly grateful for the universe’s heaps of love that has been bestowed upon them (how often do you get to say that about anyone?). It was so awesome to connect with people who are inspiring and wonderful in so many respects.

I told Daria that her performance was so good last weekend that it was “cry good” which is the term I use for music, art, writing and performance that transcends mere words and enters the realm of tugging at the heart so profoundly that one’s soul fills with tears of joy.

One of my favorite songs of Daria’s is “I Owe It All” (one of the best versions of it is in the Google Talk and you can view a bit about it and the song at 46:00 here: Google+ Presents Daria Musk: Musicians@Google

The bridge of “I Owe It All” is especially beautiful. It’s:

"Suddenly I’m found in the world that you made, that I live in, now. Suddenly I’m heard, in the words that you say, so I’ll sing them loud…"

Thank you for being found Daria and for singing your words loud and with such emotion and passion.

You are heard and it’s a triumph.

These are just a few of the photos I took of her concert last week. There are many more photos in the set. You can view the full set here:

Daria Musk live in NYC


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Ryan Van Sickle and Heather Fay Live in New York City.

I had the pleasure of attending an incredible concert last week at the Living Room on the Lower East Side in New York City which was also attended by many other wonderful people from Google Plus some of whom had just met each other in person for the first time earlier that day as part of the a whirlwind weekend of adventures.

I had heard the music of both Ryan Van Sickle and Heather Fay in various On Air Hangouts prior to the concert but nothing prepared me for how intense of an experience it would be to see them both perform live in person. I am completely and utterly baffled as to how they aren’t already superstars!

They put on a really wonderful show. Both of them sing with so much raw emotion. Ryan Van Sickle ‘s album ‘Ghosts of the Brokenhearted’ is fantastic (Shadowlands is one of my favorites on there!) and can be found here on Google Music Android Market here. You can view a touching performance of one of his songs here: Ryan Van Sickle- When We Were Young

Heather Fay ‘s voice is so beautiful live. It flows effortlessly. She actually performed an amazing cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller last week which I loved. You can view another performance of it here: Heather Fay- Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover). She also is maybe as much of a fangirl of Tom Waits as I am which makes her golden in my book!

These are just a few of the photos I took of their concert last week. They played prior to Daria Musk ‘s set (her photos are coming up later tonight or tomorrow!). You can view the full set here:

Ryan Van Sickle and Heather Fay Live in NYC


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