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New York City - Snowstorm - Janus

View these photos and more- there are nearly 20 in total - of NYC in the midst of the snowstorm Janus (click on each photo in the set to enlarge):

New York City: Janus - Snowstorm


Looking for more New York City Winter photos with snow? Here is a set (click on each photo to enlarge):

New York City: Snow


Everyone pretty much knows that I am super passionate when it comes to experiencing New York City in the snow. The more gusty and snowy the storm, the more of a chance that I will be out in it traipsing around New York City with my camera. Janus delivered more of a snowy punch than the last snowstorm we had a few weeks back. By the time night pulled its cover of darkness over the city, there was a substantial amount of snow on the ground.

As usual, I bundled myself and my Sony A99 up and instead of just walking uptown as I have done for the last few snowstorms, I decided to take the train up to a part of uptown I have never photographed in the snow with the aim of walking back home to the Lower East Side. I wanted to experience Sutton Place and the east side of upper Manhattan at its most beautiful in the winter. I would have liked to have stayed out a bit longer but the wind chills were dipping below zero.

Enjoy :)


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