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New York City - Snowstorm - Janus

View these photos and more- there are nearly 20 in total - of NYC in the midst of the snowstorm Janus (click on each photo in the set to enlarge):

New York City: Janus - Snowstorm


Looking for more New York City Winter photos with snow? Here is a set (click on each photo to enlarge):

New York City: Snow


Everyone pretty much knows that I am super passionate when it comes to experiencing New York City in the snow. The more gusty and snowy the storm, the more of a chance that I will be out in it traipsing around New York City with my camera. Janus delivered more of a snowy punch than the last snowstorm we had a few weeks back. By the time night pulled its cover of darkness over the city, there was a substantial amount of snow on the ground.

As usual, I bundled myself and my Sony A99 up and instead of just walking uptown as I have done for the last few snowstorms, I decided to take the train up to a part of uptown I have never photographed in the snow with the aim of walking back home to the Lower East Side. I wanted to experience Sutton Place and the east side of upper Manhattan at its most beautiful in the winter. I would have liked to have stayed out a bit longer but the wind chills were dipping below zero.

Enjoy :)


Information about my New York City photography book (including how to order it now!) which is releasing in stores and online in the autumn of 2014 that includes most of these New York Snow Photos:

NY Through The Lens: A New York Coffee Table Book



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