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Mobile Photography with the Sony QX100. Imaging Edge Magazine

Super stoked to announce that my photography was featured in a double-page spread in the January 2014 edition of Imaging Edge Magazine. Imaging Edge Magazine is a print and digital magazine that is published by Popular Photography Magazine, American Photo Magazine and Sony. They were kind enough to publish a double spread of my New York City seasonal photography in their autumn issue so I was beyond flattered to work with them again for the January issue.

This particular photo spread revolves around another photography subject near and dear to my heart: mobile photography. I had the honor of giving a presentation at PhotoPlus Expo recently about the changing face of mobile photography. More specifically, I spoke about my experience using the Sony QX100 along with my iPhone to complete client photography projects.

All of the photos displayed along with this article were taken with my iPhone 4S and the Sony QX100.


Gallery Key (corresponds to the order of photos in the photo-set):

1. An aerial view of midtown Manhattan from above. View this photo in my portfolio here: New York City Skyline from Above - Skyscrapers and Sunlight

2. Street photography and mobile photography go hand in hand. This is one of my favorite sections of Broadway in Soho. The architecture makes a perfect backdrop for the frenetic activity in the streets. View this photo in my portfolio here: New York City Street - Broadway - Soho - Afternoon Bicycle Ride

3.It can be a pain to capture low-light moments via mobile photography. This was taken as the sun dipped below the horizon overlooking the Empire State Building and skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan. View this photo in my portfolio here: New York City Skyline - Sunset Over Midtown Manhattan

4. Afternoon light and shadows on a Soho street. View this photo in my portfolio here: New York City Street - Soho Cobblestones in the Afternoon

5. Basking in the heat of the summer sun at the iconic mural wall in the East Village as two cyclists make their way past the colorful art. View this photo in my portfolio here: New York City Street - Houston and Bowery Wall - Summer

6. Taking in the last bits of afternoon light in Prospect Park on a moody day in Brooklyn. View this photo in my portfolio here: Prospect Park Tunnel - Brooklyn - New York City

7. Cobblestones and Soho’s beautiful architecture on Mercer Street in Lower Manhattan. View this photo in my portfolio here: : New York City Street - Mercer Street - Soho

8. Traveling and taking photos can present challenges especially when space is limited. This was taken on a travel photography trip to the Pocono Mountains in the autumn. View this photo in my portfolio here: : Autumn Lake - Pocono Mountains - Pennsylvania

9. Page one of the photo spread in Imaging Edge magazine.

10. Page two of the photo spread in Imaging Edge magazine.

I hope you enjoy the spread and photo-set!


* If you are interested in looking through this issue, here is the download page that has the magazine available for reading on iOS and Android devices as well as PDF.

** Want to see other photos I posted taken with my QX100 including non-edited photos straight out of the phone? Here is the set (click on each photo to enlarge): Sony QX100 Photos


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