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Sony QX100 photos of the New York City skyline - Taken using an iPhone.

What better place to test out the Sony QX100 than the top of the Empire State Building?

I really thought that the Empire State Building would be crowded today since it is September 11 and I knew that the haunting Tribute in Light would be shining bright tonight. However, there wasn’t even a hint of a line. In fact, I even took the elevator to the 80th floor all by myself (a first!).

It was super hazy and there was heavy rain-fog sitting over New York City which soaks these scenes in a delicious moodiness.

I normally post-process my photos. But I did absolutely nothing to any of these photos (aside from straightening one of them and applying tags in Lightroom). I wanted the QX100’s image quality to shine its brightest.

For the pixel-peepers out there, I uploaded two photos in this set in all their high-res glory so that you can zoom in and examine to your heart’s content: Hi-res image 1 (view all sizes here), Hi-res image 2(view all sizes here).

I know that a few people expressed concern about the fact that the QX100 does not shoot in RAW. I suspect this is because the product’s aim is to play nicely with mobile photography apps. As a RAW shooter myself, I was curious to see the quality of the jpegs. The quality is astoundingly good. If I had chosen to post-process these, I would wager that they would resemble the quality of a lot of my other photos in my New York City collection.

Want to see the whole set (there are images in the set that I didn’t include here) and look through the EXIF data? Check it out here:

Sony QX100 Photos

I have more photos since I have been shooting quite a bit with this device for the last 2 days. I will post more to the set as I post about each photo online



Looking for information about the QX camera’s interface and menus? Here is a post I made with screenshots and lots of information about the QX10 and QX100’s functionality:

QX100 Interface, Menus, Shooting Modes


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