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Halloween Dog Parade 2012. 10 Cutest Dog Halloween Costumes.

Tompkins Square Park. East Village, New York City.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that the annual Halloween Dog Parade is quite possibly my favorite annual event in my neighborhood (check out last year’s dog costumes here). It has taken place every year for the last 22 years in Tompkins Square Park which is located in the East Village. Dog lovers from everywhere dress their dogs up to compete for various prizes.

The costumes were awesome as usual this year. In terms of topical costumes, there was one dog dressed as Big Bird (with a “Will work for treats” sign), a dog dressed as evil incarnate in New York City with several cups larger than 16 oz strapped to his costume in reference to the large soda/drink ban here in NYC, and I looked and looked for dogs with binders but only found two!

The level of cute is so high it is off the charts!

I would especially like to give a shout-out to Mamma Biscuit who is the third dog in this photo-set. Her owners rocked and I found out she is something of a canine celebrity online! Here is her blog: Desperately Seeking Mamma Biscuit

If you would like to see all the photos I have (could only post 10 photos here), feel free to go through the album on my Flickr:

Halloween Dog Parade 2012 Flickr Set


Alternatively, as I always do, this post is cross-posted to Google Plus where you can view the full album of photos large and on black over there:

Halloween Dog Parade 2012 on Google Plus


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