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Ryan Van Sickle and Heather Fay Live in New York City.

I had the pleasure of attending an incredible concert last week at the Living Room on the Lower East Side in New York City which was also attended by many other wonderful people from Google Plus some of whom had just met each other in person for the first time earlier that day as part of the a whirlwind weekend of adventures.

I had heard the music of both Ryan Van Sickle and Heather Fay in various On Air Hangouts prior to the concert but nothing prepared me for how intense of an experience it would be to see them both perform live in person. I am completely and utterly baffled as to how they aren’t already superstars!

They put on a really wonderful show. Both of them sing with so much raw emotion. Ryan Van Sickle ‘s album ‘Ghosts of the Brokenhearted’ is fantastic (Shadowlands is one of my favorites on there!) and can be found here on Google Music Android Market here. You can view a touching performance of one of his songs here: Ryan Van Sickle- When We Were Young

Heather Fay ‘s voice is so beautiful live. It flows effortlessly. She actually performed an amazing cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller last week which I loved. You can view another performance of it here: Heather Fay- Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover). She also is maybe as much of a fangirl of Tom Waits as I am which makes her golden in my book!

These are just a few of the photos I took of their concert last week. They played prior to Daria Musk ‘s set (her photos are coming up later tonight or tomorrow!). You can view the full set here:

Ryan Van Sickle and Heather Fay Live in NYC


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